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Nothing Converts Like Google

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Nothing converts like Google. Period. The average conversion rate of organic traffic is 5%, which is double than any paid other marketing medium, including Facebook Ads. Now pay close attention. I am sharing what I have learnt over a period of 6 years in this post.

It's frustrating to see everyone running after Facebook ads thinking that is the only way out and almost 95% are ignoring organic channels such as SEO. Currently, for most Facebook ads look more difficult than sending a Man on Mars. This is what I call heard mentality. You blindly fix the solution and try changing the problems. When in fact, it should be the other way around. If Facebook Ads don't work, try something else. It's not the end of the world. Now let's get back to SEO.

In my experience, Shopify stores are 5x times easier to rank compared to normal websites. Here's the reason for this. Two most important factors for ranking a website are 1. Domain authority and 2. Page authority.

The domain authority of URL is above 60. Which is extremely high. So when you build backlinks, the page authority increases extremely fast as it is backed by high domain authority. So what a normal website starting at zero domain authority would take 12 months, shopify websites would take less than 3 months to rank.

Apart from this, Shopify is built in such a way that it follows most of the SEO optimization rules. Hence, even doing basic on page SEO can get you ranked in top 30 results. And when you build backlinks, you can get top rankings pretty fast. There are so many keywords with low competition in every niche that you can drive tons of traffic to your store even with basic SEO.

No matter what your store is about and how much you are spending on Facebook Ads, at least 30% of your website traffic should come from Google organic search. If not, your business is on oxygen. The day you plug out Facebook ads, your business dies. One biggest shortcut for ranking Shopify stores is Reddit. Reddit shoots up page authority in no time as content that works on Reddit is loved by Google.

Another shortcut is a blog. Suppose your niche has 1000 low competition keywords with 200 searches a month each. If you only rank 100 of them at the top, you get 30% of visitors per month to your website (top ranking gets around 30% of CTRs) from Google organic alone. With 5% conversion rate, your sales will hit the roof each month. This can be easily achieved by maintaining a SEO optimized blog. Each article can easily target 5-10 low competition keywords. And it only gets better with more quality content.

SEO is not rocket science. If you follow the rules and maintain a blog, your success is almost guaranteed. Take a leap of faith, try it. Thank me later.

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Cheers, Rahul Bhatia

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